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Both Levi and Ylläs are easily accessible by plane, bus, train or car. In fact, I have lived in both places and I can recommend them warmly. When you are choosing whether you are going to stay in Levi or Ylläs, you have to ask yourself ”what do I want to do, when I’m on holiday? ”. There are three important facts about Ylläs area. The first is the Lappish feeling when you live nearby mountains in Lapland, the second is that there is the best cross-country ski trail network in the world and the third is that this area has truly versatile ski slopes. For Levi, I would like to mention versatility, internationality and Levi’s program offering. At both directions, you will find pure Lapland nature at its best.

Ylläs of seven mountains

Ylläs offers beautiful nature and a true Lapland village community. In that area, you can forget your daily stress and concentrate on enjoying the scenery and the humble nature of the seven mountains. Ylläs has two villages on both sides of the mountain, Äkäslompolo and Ylläsjärvi. With one ski pass, you can enjoy downhill skiing at all slopes in the mountain. On the Äkäslompolo side, there is a wide selection of restaurants and Lapland’s largest village shop “Jounin Kauppa”. The snowmobile safaris, shops, restaurants, and bars are located near each other, so this means that you don’t necessarily need a car when you like to move from one place to another. On the Ylläsjärvi side you will find amazing downhill ski slopes with chairlifts, a wide range of bars, and downhill ski slopes and restaurants.

Ylläs has the largest cross-country ski trail network in Finland and they are maintained very well. It has been said that Ylläs may be the best cross-country ski center in the world. Alongside downhill ski slopes and cross-country trails, Ylläs has invested in activities and the program service offering is versatile. For those who love motor sports, there are over 300 kilometers of snowmobile trails. For those people who like take a little bit easier and like to see animals there are husky and reindeer safaris, horseback riding with Icelandic horses and you can go ice swimming if you dare. They know how to have fun in Ylläs, but many people choose the scenery of seven fells rather than having too much fun in nightlife. Ylläs sportiness and traditions are the main reason why people are coming back year after year.

Finland’s largest annual tourist center Levi

Located in Lapland, Levi is one of the Finland’s largest and most international ski resorts. The admiration of gorgeous mountain landscapes it’s a thing you should do, but at the same time, you can choose between different downhill ski slopes. At the end of the spring, the sunny slopes are most attractive and at midwinter, you can look for sheltered slopes where you can hide from cold weather and freezing wind. Levi’s reputation as a starting point for alpine skiing World Cup racing has gained immense popularity among both athletes and international tourists alike. Polar nights, frost, reindeer, and the glamor of Lapland combined with good arrangements have guaranteed the status of the Alpine skiing World Cup for many years. The event draws a lot of audience to the scene and through TV, the Alpine skiing World cup events are being watched widely all over the World. There are many places where you can have fun and I guarantee that everybody will find the right place for themselves. There are places where people can dance on the table with their skiing boots, but don’t you worry since there are many places where the whole family can enjoy their stay.

The keys to a successful holiday

The key factor of a successful holiday and a trip is a comfortable place to stay, a place that matches the customer's needs and wishes. We will find the right vacation for you since we truly know all of our destinations so we can recommend them to our customer. We have many satisfied customers who have found the perfect place for themselves and they keep coming back with their families over and over again. Do you want to spend your holidays close to the services or are you looking for the natural
peace and the silence from Levi and Ylläs? Our booking program will guide you to the destination you want. Choose and book a suitable accommodation easily and reliably or contact us for more information. We are happy to help you, even in the evenings and on weekends. You will get the information and the offer from the location and the place you want to stay as quickly as possible.

Lapland awaits

Take time for yourself and book a holiday villa in Lapland. Enjoy the spectacular beauty of nature to find out what they’re all talking about!

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