Cross-country skiing



People who are excited about cross-country skiing are delighted to find that this sport draws tourists to Lapland more than you could imagine. No wonder, since it is secured that we have snow in Lapland, natural beauty, and well-maintained ski trails will make cross- country skiing a fascinating hobby for both beginners and experienced skiers as well. This sport is very good physical exercise. For example, your cardio and blood circulation will improve, not to mention your muscles. The first trails are usually opened at the end of October when snow cannons are producing the snow for the most enthusiastic skiers in late autumn. More trails will be opened at a steady pace when the snow comes. The Lapland ski season will officially end at the end of the April. Yes, the season is very long! Thousand kilometers of ski trails. You can reach the ski trails easily, as there are ready-made ski trails nearby villages and towns. However, the widest and most versatile ski trails can be found in Ylläs and Levi. You can find ski trails in the mountains where the landscape is breathtaking and in the middle of the forest where you can enjoy silence and peace.

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