Experience the thrill of outdoors by driving the snowmobile. There are plenty of snowmobile rentals and marked trails in Levi and Ylläs are, so you have a lot of options. The long snowmobile season and 100 % guaranteed snow are great, but above all, Lapland’s mountains are irresistible for most snowmobiling enthusiasts. The attraction of Lapland is increased by a huge trail network which goes along mountains, forests as well as waterways. Most often you can get to the marked trails directly from tourist centers and from the near of villages. After you have left those behind, thousands of kilometers of different routes are open for you.

The experience of Lapland’s nature is completed by comprehensive services such as readily planned snowmobile safaris or tailor-made guide services according to your needs. Also the first-time skier in Lapland has the opportunity to get to know the sport with expert guidance. Snowmobile renting is also easy on the spot for a couple of hours or even for the whole week. There are snowmobiles available for single ride and for you and your partner. The snowmobile safari is a great way to explore Lapland’s winter wilderness. You can go to the safari for either a couple of hours or for more days. Participants will have access to all necessary equipment for Safari, so they do not need to be purchased separately. Safari routes are designed so that they do not harm nature in any way.

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Take time for yourself and book a cozy holiday villa in Ylläs, Lapland. Enjoy the spectacular beauty of nature to find out what everyone is talking about!

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