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The cornerstone of our activities and daily work is enabling and promoting responsible and sustainable tourism. We hope that both living and visiting in our area is enjoyable for locals and tourists today and in the future and that our choices enable this also to the future generations. We are a supporting member of the Finnish Association for Fair Tourism (FAFT), which is a non-profit, non-governmental organization promoting responsible tourism.

Vanha kelopuu.

We aim to protect our environment

The nature in Lapland is one of the cleanest in the world. We want to protect it in all possible ways. We value and respect nature and always act in accordance with the outdoor etiquette when we are out in nature.

We actively promote environmental protection also by guiding our guests in the cabin folders and in our other communications. In the cabin folders, guests are reminded of the hiking etiquette. To obey the tour etiquette in Lapland is easy – use the routes marked, bring your waste from nature, and camp and make fire only on places permitted.

We reduce our carbon footprint

We prefer good, environmentally friendly choices. We mainly work from our home office and choose a low-emission mode of transportation for periodic work trips. We encourage our customers to travel to Ylläs in an ecological way, and we communicate on social media, e.g. information and tips about the benefits of train travel. Many cabins are located so close to services that a car is not even necessary. We also tell you this in the description of the cabin. We encourage cabin owners to increase the possibility of electric car charging, and many cabins have an electric car charging point.

There are many ways to save water, reduce its consumption and reuse it. We encourage our guests to make responsible choices and provide some energy and water saving tips on our cottage folders. Many cabins have an air source heat pump that can be used to adjust the temperature to your liking. We monitor our water and energy consumption and encourage cabin owners to remotely control the heating, so that the temperature adjustments are correct when the cabin is in use/empty.

Lapsi kävelemässä pitkospuita pitkin kesällä Lapissa.

We support and take part in the circular economy. We encourage and guide our quests to recycle. In every cabin we have a cottage folder containing instructions and information on waste disposal, waste management in cabins and recycling points in the Ylläs area. We also encourage the cabin owners to enable an easy recycling by equipping the cabins with recycling containers and instructions. The tap water in Finland is of high quality, so we recommend it to our foreign guests in our cabin folders. The guidelines for fair tourism contains good tips for responsible tourism and we are happy to share them.

We favor local businesses

Our company is one of the locals and also the cleaners, maintenance personnel and safari companies we use are local. Our aim is to employ locals and use local products from local companies whenever possible.

We appreciate and protect the cultural heritage and history of Lapland

Equality, respecting the environment and developing responsibility guide our operations and are the most important values for us.

We take care of safety and quality

The cabins in our agency are of highest quality and the pictures shown in our website respond to reality. We comply with the law and regulations of the authorities in matters of fire safety and require this also from our cabin owners. We pay attention to the condition, functionality and safety of our cabins and devices, and we react fast if we get feedback on these from our guests.

Social responsibility

Our actions are socially, economically and environmentally durable. We pay our taxes, avoid the black market and do only fair and honest business.

We develop our business

Our company wants to modernize and adapt to environmental challenges. We are grateful for your feedback and willing to change our operations when needed.

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Matters related to maintenance or cleaning are primarily handled by the property's maintenance or cleaning company, whose contact information you can find in the guest folder. If the problem cannot be solved that way, you can always reach us by email at info@auroracottage.com or by calling +358 (0) 45 787 416 02.