It’s a perfect spring day in Lapland when the sun is shining, the high blankets of snow are glowing and all you hear is the whoosh from your skies. What a feeling! Take a fresh doughnut and a warm cup of hot chocolate in one of the many cozy cafes near the skiing tracks in Ylläs. They are open even in April. 

Springtime in Lapland offers besides the best skiing weather also many breathtaking experiences and beautiful nature along skiing tracks, slopes and forest paths. It’s worthwhile to take a break in one of the wilderness cafes in Ylläs. Here are some tips for your skiing tour.

Velhon Kota – a classic among the cafes in Ylläs

Last week we visited Velhon Kota wilderness cafe, which is very easy to reach. It’s located five kilometers from the center of Äkäslompolo village. You can either ski, walk, walk with snowshoes or cycle there. All the routes are marked well, and you can even drive near the cafe by car. 

A famous story teller and artist Kalervo Uuttu, known also as Uuttu-Kalle started this business in 1986. He and his descendants ran the business until 2018 when the current owners Anne and Satu bought it. Velhon Kota is open around the year regardless of the weather.

Kuuluisa tarinankertoja ja taiteilija Kalervo Uuttu eli Uuttu-Kalle perusti Velhon kodan vuonna 1986. Hän ja jälkeläisensä pitivät Velhon Kotaa aina vuoteen 2018 asti, jolloin nykyiset omistajat Anne ja Satu sen ostivat. Nykyisin Velhon Kota on avoinna ympäri vuoden säästä riippumatta (paitsi rospuuttoaikana, jolloin sinne on vaikea päästä).

Even the name Velhon Kota (Wizard´s Hut) tells how it looks inside. It’s very cozy and mystical with a fireplace and lots of candles glowing in twilight. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in Kota and enjoy the best known delicacy i.e. the doughnuts, which melt in your mouth. You can try to guess the secret seasoning used to these pastries fried every morning. It’s also worth tasting the delicious pancakes with either sweet or savory filling. All the raw materials of the fillings are local. Berries, mushrooms, herbs and meat are bought from local operators and the jams and jellies are cooked by Velhon Kota staff.

During the high season there might be a queue all the way out of the cafe. Fortunately there is room in the outdoor terrace as well. Pets are also welcome to this cafe.

Velhon Kota tempts also with various entertainers. For example during Ylläs Jazz (A famous jazz event every January) there are many artists performing at Velhon Kota. More information on different events you can find from www.velhonkota.fi.

Kesängin Keidas cafe

At the end of Kesänki lake is Kesängin Keidas cafe, which is familiar to most of the visitors in Ylläs. It’s easy to find as it is situated in the crossing of many skiing tracks. The sun is shining on the terrace of Kesängin Keidas cafe the whole day and you can just admire the lake and the landscapes with many fells nearby. In the summer you can reach this cafe walking or cycling on the paths or by rowing a boat/canoe across the lake. The doughnuts and pancakes in Kesängin Keidas taste awesome and are worth to try out.

Reach a wilderness cafe by car

Not everyone can ski to the wilderness cafe. That’s why we decided to visit Peurakaltio cafe by car. Peurakaltio is located in Äkäskero fell’s wild landscape. There are several historical buildings telling the story of men and women doing forestry work in the past. The surroundings are very charming and it’s worth visiting the sauna, cabin and cafe which used to be a horse stable. Today the cafe offers the wayfarers a warm-hearted resting place with tasty food and drinks. You can also find the art of a famous finnish painter Martti Innanen in the cafe.

Also Karilan Navettagalleria, Elämänluukku, Kuerkievari, Aurinkotupa, Luosujärvi cafe, Cafe Solmu and Nature Center Kellokas cafe can easily be reached by car. Ylläs has a large amount of lovely wilderness cafes and their location can easily be found on the Ylläs trail map.

If you’re enthusiastic about enjoying springtime skiing in sunny Lapland, there’s still time to book your trip and accommodation in Ylläs.